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Slim, 27, Looking To Fulfill Your Needs

Hi, I'm pretty sure I could bring your purity score down a notch or two I'm a very discreet guy that would consider himself sensitive and polite in person. It would be my pleasure to fullfill your fantasies and sexual needs as a good friend with the possibility of our friendship developing. The only limit I have is scat... well need I say more? *cringe* I would respect your own limits to the upmost and would be interested in trying just about anything. I'm not a huge fan of food play, although it is one of the few things I haven't really experienced. I quite enjoy rimming and would show you the best way to receive anal. I dont have many fetishes left that I havent tried but it honestly thrills me more to pleasure than to be pleased. (getting a woman extremely wet, gets me extremely hard, and so on). I have tried and do enjoy some BDSM, although where you draw the line between rough/dominant sex and BDSM I'm not so sure, nipple clamps and whips? hehe I dont know. I'm quite a shy person to begin with so it would be nice to learn more about your personality.

Contact Information:
Name(s):  Ian
Location:  Ayrshire
Email:  Click here to send email

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